Our Strategy

Locally empowered, centrally supported

​We have built our business through operational excellence, financial discipline and the never-ending quest to align the stars for our customers, landlords, vendors and employees.

Our distinct commercial approach guides everything we do.

Joe DiDomizio, President & CEO

Our success has been driven by our ability to provide differentiated retail concepts and customized concession programs to address the complex requirements of our landlords and the characteristics of the market that each location serves.

This capability is key to our strong relationships with landlords, leading to a concession agreement renewal rate exceeding 80% over the last five years.


Longstanding relationships and credibility
  • Established relationships with airports across North America
  • High degree of credibility based on past success
Superior execution
  • Distinct commercial approach that generates more value
Design and development
  • Successful track record of creating compelling customer experiences
Store concepts and brand portfolio
  • Broad range of concepts and brands to meet needs of landlords and customers
Benefits of scale
  • Scale and national merchandising programs provide high-quality brands at lower costs
Highly collaborative RFP process
  • Able to deliver strong value in RFPs through a coordinated, multifaceted approach

Hudson Group is the Traveler’s Best Friend

This is our core purpose and has always been the focal point of our business. Travel is stressful, and in this sea of stress, our customers come back to what is familiar and what they know.

  • Hudson stores are well-organized and easy to shop
  • We’re the first to open and last to close
  • Our broad assortment of merchandise meets the evolving needs of busy travelers on the go

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